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Keyboard player Susan McGowan has been adding her magic touch to Kym Pitman's music for years, in both recording and live performance. She and Kym played in the folk band Ibis together, and Susan has also worked with Kym as a duo act or in the various lineups Kym has assembled to play her music. Susan played keyboards on seven of the songs on this album.


Well-known Australian world music percussionist Greg Sheehan, veteran of many internationally acclaimed recordings and bands such as Coolangubbra, Utungan Percussion and Magic Puddin Band is pictured here playing for the album at Bush Traks. Instruments he played on the album include shakers, tambourine, bells, clap sticks, rain pod, darabuka, cymbal, congas. blocks, gong, ocean drum, triffid drums and small drum.


Steve Berry is also an internationally acclaimed and award-winning musician whose acoustic guitar playing in many styles is legendary. He is most recently known for playing in Coolangubbra and for his many collaborations with folk and country instrumentalists. He plays acoustic 6-string and 12-string on this album, and is pictured here playing as part of Kym Pitman's lineup at the 1996 Bellingen Global Carnival.


Mark Robson's didgeridoo against Kym's violin is one of the highlights of the album on "Only Way Home". A multi-instrumentalist who is well known both in Australia and in the UK, where he tours venues and festivals for 6 months every year with his band Kangaroo Moon, Mark also played keyboards in "Carry On", "We Will Remember", "Sapphire and Gold" and "Only Way Home". Pictured is one of Kangaroo Moon's albums, Bagpipes on the Beach.


Jeremy Alsop is another respected live and session instrumentalist well-known for his band The Lovers and for his past involvement in Men at Work. Jeremy's fretless bass playing contributed wonderful depth and colour to Woman of the Moon, and he is seen here laying down one of the tracks for the album at Bush Traks.




Much of Woman of the Moon's flavour comes from its spine-tingling vocal harmonies ranging from a Tibetan-style chant in "Spirit Wind" to intimate harmonies in" Lifeblood". These were performed by Kym with well-known Bellingen singers Kirsten McKenzie (Arrameida), Danny Bailey (Ibis, Tallowood) and James Bresnahan (Bellingen Aka Bella Choir), pictured here (in that order from left) singing with Kym Pitman at the 1996 Bellingen Global Carnival.


Mary Doumany is one of the top harp players in Australia. She plays harps of many varieties from folk harps to concert harp, and her credits include playing on the soundtrack of the movie "Shine", the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony orchestras and her band The Lovers. Her wonderful harp playing stands out in "Woman of the Moon" and "Sapphire and Gold".


Tony Buchanan's expressive soprano saxophone playing features on Kym's songs "Lifeblood" and "Bless the Dawn". Tony is a well-known and sought-after live and session sax and flute player who was a member of the groundbreaking jazz fusion band Crossfire. He is pictured here outside Bush Traks studio with his wife Juliette Bradley and another member of their family.